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◖ frequently asked questions ◗

◖ who is in dandelion hands?◗
dandelion hands is a one person band, the sole member being nick heck (me). many other people have contributed to dandelion hands songs, but are not actual members of the band.

◖ What instruments do you use?◗
whatever i can find.

◖ can i use your song(s) in my film/video/school project/game/etc?◗
things that are not monetized AT ALL (like fan made music videos, meme videos, school projects, amvs, romhacks, or video game mods) are free to include any of my songs without explicit permission.

things that are either made with the intent to be monetized or could be monetizable in the future (like films to be submitted in film festivals, dance competition videos, commercials, or compilation albums) must get explicit permission before use.

youtube/twitch streamers are able to listen to my music on stream without any permission. if there are any copyright issues or vod mutes, please reach out so i can deal with it.

permission and terms of use can be aquired through use of the contact page. consider a lack of timely response permission denied.

◖ can i sample your music?◗
as long as you give the proper credit, you are more than welcome to sample any and all songs that i have released without any permission. .band files and stems for the majority of my songs as well as terms of use can be found here.