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◖ Super DH Maker ◗

this is a .rar file containing the majority of the musical project files i have in my possession.
you will need the free tool WinRAR or a similar program to open the .rar file.
it is 8.68 gb compressed, but closer to 17 gb once extracted.
they are garageband project files.
i am sharing them with everyone for both entertainment and educational purposes.

(you're going to quickly find out that some project files ask for a plugin called Guitar Rig 3, i cannot supply it to you. luckily, the project files can still be opened and edited without the plugin. you may have to use an old version of garageband to be able to open the projects.)

- make remixes
- sample
- make instrumentals
- general exploring

- distribute the .rar file or any file within without my explicit permission
- export songs with absolutely no changes of your own and then attempt to upload them anywhere

- remixes and songs made using samples of my songs - OK to monetize
- covers made using my instrumentals - NOT OK to monetize
- instrumentals - NOT OK to monetize
- my songs with no changes made - NOT OK to monetize

tl;dr - don't be an asshole

MD5: 2259d2ffc6c0a4bbc35fd35319a5d32a