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◖september 21st, 2023◗


fall is here. time for over the garden wall, shilling sweatshirts, and that smell in the air. you know the one.

today i'm going to be sharing one of the bonus tracks from the bleak week vinyl as well as its original demo. previously, the only way to listen to this track was by owning a copy of the vinyl.

please flip the vinyl over (vinyl):

please flip the vinyl over (demo):

this instrumental was created in april of this year, probably close to the deadline for submitting the album to bandcamp for printing approval. i wanted to keep it as "bleak week" as possible, using instruments that were previously featured on the album and keeping in line with the overall feel of the album.

i think that the tone is different overall between the two versions, but both feel right at home.

the (vinyl) version was made using lsdj and the (demo) version was preformed on a casio sk-1 (i think).

i still like bleak week. there are some songs or some moments within songs that i would do differently now, but i can appreciate it as the album i first really let myself get into the world of synths and digital instruments. at the end of the day, its an album released on valentines day about being sad and alone during valentines week and i think in that aspect it holds up.

are there other dh songs or albums you'd like me to talk about? let me know in the comment section using the navbar on the left.

i've got some more demos and unreleased tracks to share. maybe it'll be a once a month thing?